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What we offer:

At Charles Koll Jewelers, we honor and respect the value of your fine jewelry. We are here to ensure you have a trusted jeweler in San Diego to turn to for repairs. Using our state of the art manufacturing facility we are able to provide San Diego jewelry repair services for anything from a simple chain break to a complicated eternity band sizing. Servicing all types of gold and platinum, we make your old jewelry look new by taking the time to fix it correctly the first time. Feel free to stop by the store for a cleaning, a fresh cup of coffee or to just say hi to some friends. You’ll always be welcomed with a smile and if we can’t help we’ll tell you who can.

Jewelry Repair Services

Turn your yellowing white gold jewelry back to its original bright white finish

Replacing Findings

Clasp springs become old and ineffective over time; let us replace it with our extensive inventory of findings

Your first resizing is free if it’s a CKJ original

Platinum, gold or silver we can get that necklace back to where it belongs

Pearl Restringing

Have your pearls restrung in the classic style or convert them to the amazing heinz system

Watches, like bracelets, need a good buff and polish every couple of years. Our experienced goldsmiths can make them look new again

Your stone might be in jeopardy if your prongs are worn thin, come in for a free assessment

Does your stone wiggle? We can tighten most stones while you wait

Has your favorite charm fallen off your charm bracelet? Can you no longer wear your favorite pendant? A simple solder might be the only thing keeping you from wearing your favorite pieces

On-site DESIGN & manufacturing

Old school artistry meets new school tools in our state of the art on site workshop. Each piece is hand finished by skilled goldsmiths using microscopes so that even under magnification you’ll notice our passionate attention to detail. All melee stones are meticulously sorted assuring correct visual appearance, intense brilliance and lasting beauty. No part of our manufacturing process is ever outsourced.

In House Rapid Prototyping:

Allows fast turnaround of our custom models and the ability for our clients to view a physical replica of the setting we will be creating. Any issues can be addressed prior to casting and adjusted to insure the client is pleased with the final product.

In House Casting:

Ensures that no oxygenation of the jewelry being made ever occurs. Using an inert gas and vacuum pressure we avoid the weakening affects of oxygenation that can lead to loss of diamonds and broken jewelry.

Boutique Alloys:

By casting ourselves we can insure that the alloys being used are the best available. Our alloys have been specially chosen to ensure the highest structural integrity, hassle free maintenance and superior beauty. All our alloys are 100% reclaimed avoiding the unnecessary damage caused by mining.

Stone Setting:

Like all of our finishing work, stone setting is done under a microscope in house. Every stone that is set is measured to the second decimal place to ensure it fits the one of a kind CAD model designed specifically for you. You can rest assured your stones are safe within their setting.

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