Sapphire Engagement Ring

Custom designed and manufactured in our Fashion Valley Studio in San Diego this Floral Halo Custom Sapphire Engagement Ring has refreshing design attributes and utilizes a sapphire instead of a diamond as the center attraction. Sapphire is a great alternative to diamond as a center gemstone for an engagement ring because it is durable, precious and beautiful. Corundum, sapphire’s scientific name, is the second hardest gemstone you can buy; for this reason it is durable and a great choice for everyday wear. High quality sapphire, like the gem pictured here, has great color and brilliance making it a beautiful and valuable gemstone. Like all colored gemstones buying a sapphire needs a well trained eye to thoroughly evaluate color quality consisting of color distribution, overtones and hues. As well as evaluating cut quality and treatments (if any).


Involving the intelligence, passion and creativity of our clients gives each piece of jewelry a tangible connection to their personal story. Through collaboration we deliver jewelry that resonates, excites and inspires.

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