Your Idea, Our Process

Let us take you from concept through completion

It starts with the will to BE ORIGINAL. We take pride in creating custom high-quality jewelry to mark special occasions and life’s precious moments. Anyone can get a Xerox copy of a piece of art, but privileged are the few who have the original. Our expert artisans apply painstaking attention to detail and an unmatched commitment to quality with their work.


The excitement of the challenge to bring creativity and wearability together is our passion. All the design and manufacturing work is done on premise with state-of-the-art equipment, allowing for freedom in staying within your budget and a quick turnaround time.

Discuss Your Vision

Your vision is what matters the most

Your vision is what matters the most. Come in willing to develop a concept and we will work with you to interpret the design honestly and accurately. Some come in with a sketch on a cocktail napkin and some come in with magazine clips of jewelry they like. Either way we work with you to nurture your idea in a creative and fun environment.

Cost Estimate

Accurate quotes in seconds

Before we begin rendering your concept it’s our obligation to give you an accurate quote. Using the proprietary PriceBook software, changes to metal type, design and gem quality yield accurate quotes in seconds enabling intelligent and prompt decision making based on your needs. Cloned computer monitors on the sales floor mirror the quoting process giving you full control.


Watch your design take shape

A 20% fully refundable deposit is required to start receiving your design in rendered form. The Computer Assisted Design (CAD) station sports a huge flat panel monitor that shows your design taking shape. A trained advisor can make changes to the design to fit your vision, and to match your life style.

Approval & Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art in-house workshop gets started

Once the renderings are considered perfect and ready for manufacturing, we begin the in-house process of the creating your jewelry. Our store includes a state of the art workshop, diamond grading laboratory and casting plant. The process takes two weeks and no part is outsourced.

Pickup & Celebrate

The “wow” factor

We will call to let you know that your piece is ready. Let us know that you’ll be coming in, and we will make sure there is a cold bottle of champagne waiting for the occasion. One hundred percent satisfaction guarantee upon pick up is mandatory with purchase not obligatory. In addition, we have a 30 day period for you to return your custom piece for a full refund.

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