In order to create beautiful, lasting and valuable jewelry we commit ourselves to using the very best in materials, design and production processes.

Our commitment is very clear, if we don’t exceed your expectations you are under no obligation to purchase and your deposit is refunded.

To ensure the quality and integrity of each creation,every process of jewelry creation from client-guided design to casting, prototyping and diamond setting is carried out and quality-checked – step by step – in our studio.


The true value of jewelry is defined by how it is given. The lasting value by how it is designed and made. To this end we are the only San Diegan jeweler to hold seven international Spectrum awards for design and craftsmanship


Artist at heart, the CHARLES KOLL team has been designing wearable art since 1961. Our focus on aesthetics is bound by our love for the trade and the pride we take in each and every piece of jewelry we create. Each custom piece is an exquisitely personal and enjoyable expression of our client’s taste. Guaranteed to surpass your expectations and make your dream a reality.


Possessing critical knowledge, experience and resources enable CHARLES KOLL to deliver the highest quality jewelry product available. Each one tailored to meet the individual needs of our discerning client


A diamond is forever. With passion, consistency and hard work, so is a good name. Charles Koll jewellers have been busy establishing their remarkable name in the jewelry industry for more than half a century


Involving the intelligence, passion and creativity of our clients gives each piece of jewelry a tangible connection to their personal story. Through collaboration we deliver jewelry that resonates, excites and inspires


Full disclosure and equal treatment is the cornerstone of building trust and creating loyalty. By operating ethically, openly and with total transparency across all aspects of the client relationship, CHARLES KOLL has developed lifelong friendships and customer loyalty.

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