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Art San Diego 2014 – Jewelry and Art

18k Gold, Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald working steam punk cipher1

Charles Koll Jewelers Prepares to “Inter.Play” at Art San Diego 2104 Jewelry Showcase San Diego, CA – Local custom jewelry designer Charles Koll Jewelers announces its third appearance and new exhibition at the Art San Diego 2014 Jewelry Showcase. The theme of this year’s showcase is Inter.Play, and Charles Koll Jewelers plans to unveil a

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Gold vs. Platinum

Be An Engagement Ring Expert: Finding The Best Metal For Your Ring An engagement ring is not just any other ring. This ring symbolizes a curious combination of emotions: anxiety, excitement, fear, joy, doubt, hope, and, most of all, an overflowing sense of love and devotion. The ring that you choose will embody all this

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Mall Store Myths

Prime Location for Quality Jewelry The Mall Jeweler is often identified as… a chain store offering undistinguished merchandise at prices discounted from inflated base prices. While inaccurate, these assumptions aren’t unbelievable.How else does a thriving business exist with perpetual “50% off” signs? Add the generous but profitless “no interest” financing and many are left wondering

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How Jewelry Financing Works Against The Consumer

All That Glitters Is Not Gold Our industry can, loosely, be divided into two categories: Purveyors of jewelry and those who sell financing with jewelry as the vehicle to create consumer debt.  And the distinction is dramatic. In fine jewelry stores each piece has a value stated by its price.  In credit jewelry store the

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